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DEEP DRIP Tree Watering Stakes aid in the watering and fertilization of your trees at the roots, in addition to better aerating the soil with oxygen. Deep Drip will deeper saturate the ground around your tree allowing the roots to grow deep and strong instead of horizontally at the surface, possibly resulting in exposed roots. This device is designed to work with a garden hose, flood irrigation, or in conjunction with your automatic landscape drip system. Your standard 1/4" drip line easily connects to the Deep Drip spike. And you can also add fertilizer into the shaft to continually direct nutrients to the root zone. Whether you have fruit, oak, or palm trees, start watering your trees where the roots are and where you want them to be. Roots tend to follow the water source, so show your roots the path to grow deep. When you can get water underground faster, you can water for shorter periods, while practicing sensible water conservation. Our Patent Pending Deep Drip tree root watering devices are made in the U.S.A. and come in three sizes: 14, 24, and 36 inches.
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Our Deep Drip tree root watering devices come in three lengths: 14 ½, 24 ½, and 36 inches. The 14 ½ inch unit is perfect for small trees and shrubs with shallow roots, like rose bushes, ornamental trees, or in commercial use for trees still in boxes. The 24 ½ inch unit is used for your average trees, while the 36 inch unit may be used for palm trees and deeper rooted trees.
The devices are constructed of sturdy ABS and PVC. The reinforced tip and cap are made from ABS, while the upper shaft is made from Schedule 40 PVC. There are multiple holes in the bottom half of the spike, internally covered by a mesh filter that allows water to flow out, but keeps dirt from getting in, settling, and clogging the tube. The UV protected cap has multiple functions, as it acts as a protective/reinforced cover when hammering in to the ground, keeps rocks and leaves from entering the shaft, and holds the ¼ inch drip line securely in place. And in many parts of the country, the cap also protects the emitter head from squirrels or other animals. Periodically, as the tree grows and roots extend farther away from the tree, repositioning the device beneath the outer edge of the tree's canopy is recommended. The upper shaft has two holes at the top so the user can remove and replace the unit as needed. Just insert a screwdriver or like tool through the holes and pull up.

When connected to a drip line, Deep Drip is one of the most effective devices to get water, oxygen, and fertilizer to your tree's roots quickly and efficiently.
Deep Drip will conserve water as 100% of the water directed to the tree is going deep into the ground, without losing any water to evaporation or run-off. And the internal filter keeps dirt and rock from entering the device.
Deep Drip will promote deeper roots as they will follow the deeper watering. Furthermore, Deep Drip will guard against visible roots rising to ground level for water. Water dispersed solely from a standard drip-line can permeate only so deep into the ground.
Tree fertilizer can be fed into the shaft, having water pass through the granules and carry the nutrients into the soil and directly to the roots, thus promoting a healthier tree and root system. Fertilizing within Deep Drip, instead of through an emitter, guards against clogged emitters or tubing, with no waste.
When inserted on a slope , Deep Drip prevents water from running down the hill away from the tree while eroding the landscape. The tree will benefit from getting more water into the ground and to the roots, while less water will be wasted down the hill.
When considering the costly replacement of a dead tree, purchasing and installing two or three Deep Drip devices per tree is a smart investment for homeowners and HOAs, as well as landscapers and nurseries who guarantee a tree's survival.
Deep Drip is the most hassle-free, maintenance-free tree deep-watering device on the market that once you place it into the ground, you'll never have to worry about it again. No need to pull out the hose, turn it on, and remember to turn it off, as Deep Drip works with automatic drip systems.
When tree owners water and feed more effectively , trees have a better chance of surviving after being planted. And throughout the lifespan of the tree, it will receive continual deep watering and fertilization as a healthy lifetime solution.
For existing trees, the 'pointed' end and reinforced cap allows for driving into the ground with a sledge hammer when digging a hole is not a consideration. The shaft can be completely buried and out of sight or left with the UV Protected cap above ground.