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Automatic Drain Valves
• Automatic Freeze Protection Drains
  Helps prevent low head drainage
• New ergonomic design combines main line and lateral line drains
• Provides automatic freeze protection and adds value to irrigation systems
• Complements end-of-season blow-outs
During cold periods, water in your sprinkler system can be your worst enemy. Most experts recommend the addition of drains where freezing may affect the soil more than one foot deep. Along with winterization, strategically-placed drains insure against damage to your investment.
These drains are designed to exceed the working pressures of all lateral or main line installations. Fittings mount under sprinkler heads preventing freeze damage and low sprinkler head overflow. Valve protectors are engineered for installation adjacent to sensitive solenoid valves to prevent costly freeze cracking in the housing.
Install drain valves

Install drain valves at 45 degree angle to the pipe to ensure proper drainage of water from pipes.

Drain valves can be installed with or without a gravel sump depending on the soil conditions

If you have elevation changes greater than 5 meters install one valve at each 5 meter interval.

Available 1/2 and 3/4 male thread